Our Principles

We believe in being held accountable for all our work and treating others with the respect that we expect in return. To us, integrity means upholding all our commitments, being honest, and acting ethically. 


We understand that our success is driven by our own accountability. This is why we take personal initiative and responsibility for each of our projects and deliver full value by applying our myriad of talents, strengths, and energy.

Civic Minded
Civic Minded

We make every decision with the community in which we live and work top of mind. We also participate in and support community service activities, governmental affairs, charitable causes, and public advocacy programs.


In our experience, the most incredible results sometimes demand walking the path less traveled. We choose to work boldly by approaching each project with a progressive, innovative, and creative outlook that is sure to achieve the best outcome.

How We Became Who We Are

Ghyabi Consulting & Management reached the pinnacle of project development, transportation planning, and traffic engineering thanks to a unique understanding of technical science that was accrued over decades of experience. Over the years, we have been honored to work with local municipalities as well as city, county, and state government. We've also partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation, FHWA, and TPOs for coordination of transportation projects. Now, we are your leading experts in consultation and management of project development.

Meet Maryam Ghyabi-White
Meet Maryam Ghyabi-White

Maryam Ghyabi-White is the CEO/President of Ghyabi Consulting and Management (GCM) and serves as an adjunct professor of civil engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In her current role at GCM and as the former CEO/President of Ghyabi & Associates, Maryam Ghyabi-White provides leadership and support to position the company at the forefront of the engineering industry.

Maryam Ghyabi-White also oversees finance, production, procedures and policies, resources, and revenues of the company throughout the firm and its second-generation 30+ year history. She is also in charge of the firms' business development and public relations initiatives. Maryam Ghyabi-White has represented the firms at the global engineering industry level and at the local level, and has represented the firms at legislative sessions and government functions.

  • St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) Former Board of Trustee and Treasurer, Current Governing Board Member, Vice-Chair
  • Truist (formerly SunTrust) - Board of Trustees
  • PACE Center for Girls - Board of Trustees
  • University of Florida Transportation Institute External Advisory Board
  • Volusia County Economic Development - Women in Business Symposium - Chair
  • Advanced Technology Center - Board
  • Volusia County Expressway Authority Coalition - Chair
  • I-4 St. Johns River Bridge Coalition - Chair
  • Transportation Outreach Program (TOP) Board - Chair
  • Women's Center Board at Daytona State College - Former Chair
  • myregion.org - 2004
  • Volusia County Area Responsible Development (VCARD) - Former Chair
  • Central Florida Transportation Commission Task Force
  • Floridians for Better Transportation - Former Chair
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization's Technical Coordinating Committee
  • (MPO TTC) Volusia County Representative
  • Transportation + Expressway Authority Membership of Florida (TEAM FL) - Board Member (As of 1/2024)
  • Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce Chairman's Award - 2018
  • Volusia County proclaimed May 31, 2001 'Maryam Hosseini Ghyabi Day'
  • VCARD Citizen of the Year - 2014
  • Volusia County MPO: Dedication & Service to Funding of Reconstruction of I-4 St. Johns River Bridge - 1999
  • Faith, Hope & Charity Society: 'Community Service Award' - 2004
  • Volusia County Association for Responsible Development Member of the Year - 1997
  • Women in Transportation, Central Florida Chapter: 'Woman of the Year' - 1999
  • Volusia County Expressway Authority Coalition
  • Letter of Commendation from Governor Jeb Bush
  • Volusia County MPO: Recognition as Chair - 1998
  • Letter of Commendation from Tom Feeney, Speaker, House of Representatives
  • Floridians for Better Transportation Chairman Award - 2008
  • Volusia County Association for Responsible Development Leadership Award – 2000
  • Daytona State College Women's Center - 2008 'Maryam Ghyabi Day'